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If  you have a challenge on how to increase your sales in this complex digital world of ours, I might be able to help.  Here, I strive to describe how you could benefit from having a flexible, specialist and external resource to support you as you take your business forward.  In some situations (usually the more strategic sales and marketing ones) I will be heavily involved. In other situations, (for example where more specialist ‘technical doing’ is needed – such as website building) I will project manage a team of specialist ninjas from either my little black book, or yours.

The approach you will receive with my work

  1. Whatever arrangement we come to, has to work for you.  You choose.
  2. In the early days it is very likely that you have no idea if I will be able to help you.  Clearly it is in your interests that I get to know your business.  You will be investing time in us in order that we understand your business and your people.  Therefore all work we undertake has a initial period of time invested by us at no cost to you.  Exactly how much will depend on the nature of your project and we will agree exactly what this is.
  3. The best business relationships, for both parties, are long term ones.  You will receive increased value for money in return for longer a business relationship.
  4. Where possible we try to empower and guide your people to do much of the work.  In this way your costs are kept to a minimum and you obtain benefit long after we have gone because the project is truly embedded in unique way you do business.
  5. Every piece of work we do for you starts with clear identification of the objectives (usually sales or profit related).
  6. The solutions we suggest on this website have worked for others and are simply food for thought.  If you would like something else, please let us know.
  7. You will receive written planning documents and written reports for all ongoing work.  This ensures that you obtain maximum value for money, that expectations are aligned and that there is no ‘wheel-spinning’ (going over old ground).


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How we might work together: options for you to chose from

You might find that the following options fit the bill for you:

1. Mentoring

For you if you are the leader of your company or a director/senior manager with responsibilty for sales and marketing.

What is mentoring?

This is a service where, as a person who is working in an isolated leadership position, you find it invaluable to have a confidential sounding board to call on.  You might use it for feedback, sharing problems, brainstorming ideas or seeking advice.  The constant feature, however you wish to use  the service, is to give you the confidence to tackle things yourself (or at least be seen to!).  Having run my own company I have first hand experience on how alone a role at the top can feel.

Mentoring option:

  1. Adhoc mentoring, no contracts, no obligations on you: £150 per hour.
  2. Use the time as you wish Mentoring Bundles:
  • The more you buy, the less the cost to you
  • Only conversations/support greater than 10 minutes will be charged, so that you can bounce a quick idea without worrying about the clock ticking.
  • Time sheets at month end so you know where you stand
  • Prices:
    • 1-6 hours: £150 per hour
    • 7 -12 hours: £145 per hour
    • 13 – 24 hours: £135 per hour
    • 25+ hours: £125 per hour

 Interested in mentoring – next steps

Contact me through your preferred method: phone, web contact form, or LinkedIn.

We can have a chat or a Skype call at a time to suit you. If you feel that I can add value going forward, then we can agree the terms that work best for you.


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“In working with me as a CEO of my own company, Nick has really given me the confidence, energy and additional skills necessary to aim higher with my business. He quickly picked up the KPI’s of how our business and importantly how the TV commercial media sector works, which is quite specialised. He has integrated into our team for new business projects and is a valued member. He provides an external view, creating a platform to bounce and debate ideas, so the ultimate client solution is more rounded. In the short time we have worked together PMA has been able to grow our existing client accounts, retain International business that went to a competitive pitch and now be invited for big International client business, beating some of our global network rivals at their own game. Nick has a wealth of experience in all aspects of business, he always strives to add value wherever he can and I can confidently predict that any company that employs Nick’s services will see positive results for their business. “

 2. Contracted days

It may be that an agreement for a number of days per month works out to be more cost effective for you.

Day rates start at £1,000 and we can agree something less for larger numbers of days.  As whole days work for you best when you can contact me in the intervening periods, I am available for adhoc quick questions, emails, and phone calls.

It may be that you wish to start on a smaller commitment (eg hourly mentoring) and move onto a better value day rate as the need arises.

Contracted date rates are good for non-exec roles or for tasks where the workload is significant, varied and difficult to tie down.

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