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You are starting out in business, or thinking about it.  Perhaps you have started and need to ensure that you are doing first things first.  You could be working on your own or with a business colleague.  In all instances it is you who will be wearing the marketing hat.

Where you are now

You feel that the new world of marketing and all its phrases of ‘inbound’ this, ‘social’ that is all just a big daunting wall facing you.  It is difficult to know where to start.  Perhaps you once knew about the marketing of old, or maybe you were in a big corporate where the resources and tools were oh so different.

And certainly, you don’t have pots of money to spend.  Get real, you say. You have heard that a solution is ‘guerrilla marketing’ but even this is just another terminology.  Still the decisions need to be made, guerrillas, or no guerrillas.

Your vision

You want to be in control. You want to know that, from all the marketing baloney that is out there, you have the confidence that you are doing the stuff that is right for your business, your budgets and your customers.  You want to be able to talk to others with confidence about your marketing.  And when something comes in from left of field you want to know that you have the structures in place to be able to react.

My solution for you

I know how challenging all this is, as I have had to learn it the hard way when I was building an earlier business before I sold it.  I don’t want  you to have to be making the expensive mistakes that I did.  I know that you are an ambitious person, are open minded and nice to do business with.  Because of this, and because I understand that cashflow management is so important to you I am going to make it easy for you to buy now, get the sales in and and pay for the work later.  I call this the Marketing Mastery service, which is a 12 month programme to get you on the way to mastering your marketing.

The Marketing Master Service

Here are the key stages of the service

  1. You contact me (call me or request a call back).  We have a chat for 15 minutes.  If there is stuff we can do together, great.  If not, hopefully I have given you some pointers and advice for your no cost 15 minutes.
  2. Over the course of a subsequent 2 hours we devise a marketing strategy for your business.  Ultimately this means that we decide the main elements of a programme that generates a stream of customer leads from a predetermined target market.
  3. You will receive a report describing your marketing strategy
  4. You will then have the following set up and running for you over the following 2 weeks
    1. 2 social media platforms
    2. email software, enabling you to run an email marketing programme
    3. customer relationship management software, enabling you to track all the contacts and interactions you are making with your prospective clients.
    4. Identification of the key measures to determine the success of your marketing.
  5. 11 months x 45 minute consultations over Skype plus 15 minute preparation/’washing up’ work .  These can be used for starter training in any of the above, or for guidance in other areas, such as blogging, search engine optimisaton, etc.


What do I need to have set up in advance?

The above assumes that you already have a hosted website, and that this website can (in the very least) capture email addresses and request further action from visitors. You must also have company email. If you need help in any of these areas we can provide additional services for you too.

What if I have some marketing systems set up already?

That’s great.  The systems I recommend above are unlikely to cost you a penny so lets see if I have save you yet more money, either now or over the long term.

What happens after the 12 month is up

You can walk away in the knowledge that you are up and running as a master, or we can agree an alternative service.

What if I would like to walk away earlier

I would hope that this does not happen since happy clients are at the heart of any happy business.  However I acknowledge that unforeseen situations do crop up and so we would identify what the prices of the activities completed were if you had paid for them individually and then you will simply pay the balance.

OK, so what is the cost of Marketing Mastery?

An initial set up cost of £150

12 x monthly payments of £150

What is not included in the cost?

Any services not outlined above.

I am assuming that you or a colleague is going to put in the necessary work to support the delivery of the marketing plan (eg copywriting emails, blogs, etc).  If this is not the case then any time required by others to undertake this work is not included.

I am looking for other marketing services.  Can you provide these?

Yes.  Whilst I am great B2B marketing all-rounder there are instances where specialists are called for.  I have specialist associates who can undertake in-depth work in other fields if needed.

Can you do work in areas other than Oxfordshire?

I work in Oxfordshire because I believe that the best service is delivered by investing the appropriate ‘face time’ with you and through knowing local expert service providers. Therefore it makes sense to me to spend more time with you or working on your business than it does spending time traveling.  I would consider exceptions for work in neighbouring counties.

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